Monday, December 8, 2008

Surviving week #01

Hi guys! I'm very happy to report that I still live with my dad and aunt! :] Their parents got home last Friday and we met the day after. I think this look worked for me:

I also did this when my their dad looked at me:

And cried a little when their mom said to get rid of me:

Teehee! Oh and I met this man friend of Aunt Phoebe's earlier. He said we're going to the vet tomorrow because (TMI alert) I might have worms. :[ I think I need some meds and shots. Hmmm will the latter hurt? I certainly hope not! :]


Stacey K said...

Junkie Poo is adorable! My roomie and I adopted a cat from our local Humane Society and she's freaking hilarious. This is the first cat I've ever lived with and it amazes me at how smart she is!

Kayote_80 said...

just randomly came across your blog and loved the super cute kitty cat. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacey K and Kayote_80!
-- Junkie Poo =^.,.^=

Hammie said...

awwwwww paiyak na sha.. tinakot ata ng big eyes ni tito.. =(